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What is the MH12GTS Search Light by Nitecore?

Nitecore mh12s Search Light CanadaThe Nitecore MH12S is a 1-inch diameter tactical flashlight that has been specially designed to fit comfortably in the user’s hand and offer a secure grip. It has a rear tail switch with a momentary-on feature that will automatically light up in the last used mode (except strobe). The e-switch near the head is used to rotate through modes and also enables the strobe. At first, I was unsure how this would work since the mode switch button is a little far away from the activation switch, however, after using it, I realized that with my thumb on the rear switch and my pinky on the mode switch, it is very easy to do what is needed.

The Nitecore MH12S is an upgrade from the original MH12 and is equipped with 1800 lumens of light output and a beam that can reach over 321 yards away. It also has an ultra low mode with up to 1500 hours of runtime and five different settings, including strobe and beacon modes for emergency use. It is rechargeable through a USB-C port and is compatible with various batteries, such as an 18650, CR123, and RC123. It is also lightweight at 5.23 oz and is made from durable HA III aluminum with an IP68 waterproof rating, making it perfect for everyday carry and tough tasks.

This flashlight offers great value for money. It provides 1800 lumens of light, which is bright enough to illuminate up to four blocks away. Despite being dropped several times, it has not sustained any damage. It also comes with a battery and charger, as well as a nice carrying case. I strongly suggest getting this flashlight.

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Nitecore mh12gts Search Light Canada