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Fenix LR50R

The Fenix LR50R is a remarkable flashlight that has a special sensor that perceives when the light is too close to an object and reduces the brightness level to avoid any dangerous situations. It has a range of 3117ft (950m) – that’s more than half a mile! Moreover, it has a 12000 lumen spotlight which is quite powerful. The LR50R size is 6.42” (163mm) in length, 3.46” (88mm) in width, and 2.36” (60mm) in height. It comes with accessories like a USB Type-C charging cable, lanyard, holster, shoulder strap, and an extra O-ring. CHECK PRICE ON THE FENIX LR50

The Fenix LR50R searchlight is an incredible search light that is capable of producing a remarkable 12000 lumen and can project that light an impressive 3117 feet (950 Meters). It is powered by the ARB-L52 16000 rechargeable battery pack or alternatively 4 21700 batteries. In addition, it is equipped with a 16000mAh large-capacity battery that can be utilized as a power bank. It also comes with a battery level indicator, so you will be aware when it is time to recharge the flashlight with the included USB Type-C charging cable. It can also be attached to a lanyard for ease of carrying, or used with a tripod for outdoor photography. This powerful torch can be used in multiple scenarios, including search and rescue operations.

Fenix created the LR50R to be a multi-purpose flashlight, which means it is manufactured to fit a number of different situations. Using it is a breeze because of its double side switches, and you only have to press the function switch for a flash of turbo power any time.

The LR50R has two modes – the General Mode and the Functional Mode. The Functional Mode is mainly used in emergency scenarios, when you need turbo power most. In this mode, you can only access the turbo output of 12000 lumens, strobe, and SOS.

The General Mode is designed for more everyday use. In this mode, you can choose from six different brightness levels that range from 50 lumen to 12000 lumen. Changing modes is simple and having both modes makes this flashlight a great asset in any circumstance.

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Fenix LR50R Search Light