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Benefits of using a non-tracking search engine

Using SafeSearch non-search tracking search engine has several benefits. First, it will protect your privacy. Search engine companies will no longer be able to track and store your search data, which means that your searches and browsing habits will remain private.

Second, SafeSearch tracking will improve your search experience. Without search engine tracking, search engines will no longer be able to show you targeted ads or provide search results that are tailored to your interests.

Finally, using a non-tracking search engine will improve your online security. By disabling tracking, you will reduce the risk of having your data stolen or leaked.

What does Google Know About Me?

It’s a well-known fact that when you make a search on Google, the company keeps a record of it indefinitely. That could be alarming for some people, however, that’s only the surface of the vast details Google tries to gather from users. Many people are unaware that even if they don’t use Google services directly, the firm still attempts to track them.

Studies have shown that Google trackers are present on 75% of the most visited internet sites. This implies that the firm is trying to record your internet activities. Moreover, most people aren’t aware that Google is responsible for the majority of ads that appear in apps and websites – the ones that follow you everywhere? That’s correct, Google is behind this too. They are no longer just a search company – they are a tracking company. They are gathering as much information as they can to generate these irritating and intrusive ads, including keeping records of your browsing history.

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