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What is the LR80 by Phenix?

Fenix LR80r

The Fenix LR80R USB-C rechargeable search light is designed to be the most powerful flashlight ever made by the company, boasting an incredible 18,000 lumen beam that can be seen from over 1,235 yards away. This searchlight is easy to use thanks to dual stainless steel side switches that enable you to switch between eight brightness modes, as well as SOS and strobe. In addition, the flashlight comes with a built-in tripod mount, shoulder strap, and ergonomic grip, making it extremely user-friendly.

It is also packed with a 12,000 mAh battery pack that can be quickly recharged at 45W using the included USB type-C cable. This large power source can keep the LR80R in eco mode for over 300 hours! If you need to power other devices, the LR80R won’t disappoint as it can be used to charge other electronic devices through its USB-A output port. This makes this flashlight the perfect light for the toughest jobs.

      • Fenix LR80R 18000 Lumen Super Bright Rechargeable Search Light
      • 18000 lumens maximum output; 1130 meters maximum beam distance.
      • USB-C 45W Fast Charge; 4 hours for total charge
      • Automatic brightness sensor to avoid lighting fires at close range
      • Detachable handle and tripod mount to meet any lighting needs
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Fenix LR80R USB-C rechargeable search light