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SafeSearch Canada is a search engine enhanced by Google.

Google’s SafeSearch is enabled.

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SafeSearch Canada is developed by who has been in the web business since 1988.


What is SafeSearch?

Google Search and Google Images first offered SafeSearch as a way to filter through pornographic and potentially offensive material online. In November 2009, individuals who had Google Accounts were given the option to keep SafeSearch at the same level with a password. On December 12, 2012, Google eliminated the possibility of completely disabling the filter and instead required users to type in a more exact search phrase to come across adult content. Safesearch is also often set up on school computers to discourage children from seeing pornographic material. Governments and web companies are able to enforce this filter.

You can use Google Search’s SafeSearch feature to prevent explicit content such as pornography, violence, and gore from appearing in your search results. It is essential to note that SafeSearch only operates on Google search results, and it cannot block explicit content that you find on other search engines or websites that you visit directly. SafeSearch is available on Android devices, computers, and iPhones or iPads. You can read more about Google Search’s content regulations.

It is possible to activate or deactivate SafeSearch if you are responsible for your own Google Account. SafeSearch is not completely exact, but it aids in filtering out explicit content from search engine results for each query that entails images, videos, and websites. When SafeSearch is disabled, the most related results for your search query will be given, which can include explicit content if you look for it. The person that can adjust your SafeSearch configurations can either be yourself if you manage your own Google Account, a parent if they are helping to manage your account in the Family Link app, an administrator if you are linked to a Google Workspace for Education account and under the age of 18 or related to a K-12 institution, or an administrator of your device or network if they lock SafeSearch to always remain on.